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The competition is now closed. Please see our News page for the latest updates.

Start-up mission statement

Our competitive grant winners Cera, Give Vision and Echo speak to Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London about the progress they have made in partnership with Pfizer in the first six months.


Innovation = Invention + Adoption: 10 start-ups join Pfizer at UKHQ. See the connections and hear the aspirations to transform more lives.


The proliferation of technology in healthcare in 2017 has been monumental and in 2018 it’s only set to continue.

Medical professionals working together. Medical professionals working together.
Pfizer commitment

The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs are dedicated to helping late stage digital healthcare start-ups achieve their own goals. Working with Pfizer could help you grow and reach more patients and providers, progress faster through collaboration with our mentors and partners across the UK.

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Start-up commitment

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub is here to help you accelerate adoption of your innovation. You need to demonstrate clear potential to make a big difference to individuals, patient groups or health systems.

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Qualifying criteria

Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London aims to support businesses that are in a later stage of development, i.e. beyond the ideation phase, with a clearly established market need and some proof of the technology’s potential.

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Key Dates

Find out how to enter and the key dates in the process.

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