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About us

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Our vision is simple: To work together to transform lives.

About us
Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London Mission Statement

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London is a new initiative to help companies innovating in the health tech space to realise their potential. The hub is designed to help late stage start-ups to grow and reach more patients and providers faster, by giving access to Pfizer’s network and resources.

Pfizer aims to work with the best and brightest collaborators from around the globe, pursuing the vision of transforming people’s lives through innovative solutions to real-world problems. We hope to help solve some of the most challenging problems in healthcare, which include:

  • Improving information, education and engagement in self-care
  • Improving diagnostics and communication as well as enabling new ways of connecting patients, carers and professionals
  • Improving information for patients, carers and providers to help make smart decisions

All this helps our partners to deliver the best health and wellbeing for patients, and for patients to better manage their own care through the adoption of the leading digital and technological innovation in healthcare.

Patients, providers and the pharmaceutical companies have access to more medicines, more knowledge and more technology than ever before. Apps, wearables, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data, gamification and social media are just some of the options that may help healthcare providers to improve outcomes, engagement and efficiency.

Start-up mission statement

The hub is designed to bring companies, working in digital healthcare, together with the experience and expertise of Pfizer’s UK and global network. The hub could help companies and clinicians support adoption of innovative technologies and help you to advance your business.

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